Test kits in comparison


For testing fuel for possible microbiological contamination, a variety of methods are offered. As well as test kits which use a nutrient gel, such as the mikrocount® fuel, often so called “dip slides” with a solid nutrient medium are offered.

In our opinion, these dip slides are not suitable for this type of testing, due to the fact that the growth medium is not designed for testing diesel fuel. The detection limit of dip slides is too high; moderate levels of contamination will not be detected. This lead to a false sense of security.

The gel in the mikrocount® fuel test kit, which act as growth media is specially developed for use with diesel fuel. The detection limit fulfils the need for fuel testing.

Nevertheless, dip slides such as mikrocount® combi can be a good complement to the mikrocount® fuel test kit as they are useful for testing residues in tanks and filters.


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