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Why should I test my fuel tank for micobial contamination?

Standard grades of diesel are clear and usually light yellow. The smallest discoloration can be a sign of bacteria, mould or yeasts. If your tank is contaminated with microbial pests they will form bio-sludge. This is a slimy, brownish mass which may float on the fuel or may form deposits at the tank walls and results in filter blocking and corrosion. Eventually sudden engine failure will occur. Even filter changing often does not solve the problem; the microbes produce new sludge in a few hours and block the filter again. In the course of time the bio-sludge sticks on the surfaces, it gets more and more difficult to remove it. Often a costly professional tank cleaning becomes necessary. To avoid this trouble it is advisable to test the tank with mikrocount® fuel regularly. If microbes are detected, treat the fuel with grotamar® 82 according to the severity of the contamination.

Which fuel can be tested with mikrocount® fuel for microbial contamination?

mikrocount® fuel is specifically developed for testing automotive diesel fuels, biodiesel, marine diesel and heating oils, for microbial contamination. The mikrocount® fuel test should not be used for aviation fuels or any other application.

What quantity of fuel for the test with mikrocount® fuel?

The pipette tube delivered with the test kit uses 0.25 ml. This is the quantity required for the test. The small container under the pipette head should not be filled. Avoid overfilling the pipette, this leads to incorrect quantities.

The gel in the test bottle has changed colour. What does this mean?

The gel in the test bottle naturally becomes darker in the course of the time. The colour can appear light yellow to ochre. Normally this has no consequences on the reliability of the test, as long as it is not beyond its expiry date.

If the gel is shows an even pink discoloured, the bottle has been stored for too long in sunlight. In this case it might get difficult to read the result. Avoid storage of the test kits in direct sunlight to prevent discolouration.

How long is the mikrocount® fuel test kit shelf life?

The shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture. The expiry date is shown on the box label.

How to store mikrocount® fuel test kits?

Unused test kits should be stored in the original packaging in a cool (less than 22° C / 72° F), dark place. Keep container tightly closed. Protect against direct sunlight. Not at temperatures above 25° C / 77° F and do not freeze.

What provisions apply to the disposal of mikrocount® fuel test kit?

Used test bottles can be disposed of in accordance with the local regulations. The disposal of the contaminated test kits is best carried out by burning or autoclaving. Also decontaminating by inserting it into an appropriate disinfectant solution (such as buraton® 10 F, antifect® FD 10 or grotanol® 3025, each 10% 18 h or perform® 3% 18 h) is possible.

What precautions should you take while handling diesel fuel?

Always take appropriate safety precautions while handling fuels, such as avoiding ignition sources, wearing of suitable protective gloves, safety goggles and at risk of splashing oil-resistant protective clothing.
At work, you should also not eat, drink, or smoke. Safety shoes and proper tools must be used when handling heavy containers. Avoid spillage of the product. Take precautionary measures against static discharge. Ground all equipment or connect it conductively.

For which user groups the mikrocount® fuel test kit is suitable?
  • Fuel laboratories
  • Operators of distributions centre and depots for diesel fuel
  • Mineral oil distributors/ petrol station owners
  • Car repair shop Holders of agricultural and construction vehicles
  • Boat owners
  • Shipyards
  • Operators of power stations/ emergency power generators
  • Marine and military vehicles User of all vehicles types with diesel engines
  • etc.

Where can I buy the mikrocount® fuel test kit?

mikrocount® fuel is available online in the schülke web shop www.grotamar-shop.de for Germany and www.grotamar-shop.ch for Switzerland.
For other countries please contact schülke directly by e-mail sai@schuelke.com.


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